Thunderbird sent items with wrong signature/changes it.

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I'm using the latest version of Thunderbird for Windows and I have a problem that I can not even describe very well but I'll try it :D

I have set up a PNG image as a signature and when I write an email and send it, everything is normal: Process is sent e-mail and copy to 'sent items'.

I noticed that after the sent message was copied, when I open same email, I see that my signature has been replaced by a random image, such as an image of a contact I've already spoken to by email. I use this e-mail since 2012 and never changed to another e-mail program, only Thunderbird since 2012.

What should I do ?


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I'm not sure what is the issue, but some additional information would be useful to help pinpoint the problem.
(P.S. My Thunderbird is in French, so I may not have the exact wordings)

1. Is your signature only a PNG image or is it a combination of text and image, such as company logo (PNG) with your name and address (text)?
2. Is the text part of the signature (if any) defined as text, or as HTML?
3. Is it saved within Thunderbird or outside of it?
In other words, when you check under "account parameters" for that account, is your signature defined right there in the "Signature Text" block or is it "from a file (text, HTML or image)?
4. Lastly, is your account POP or IMAP?

In the meantime, I see 2-3 things that you might try to see if it helps solve the problem.

– Do you have a second email account? If so, try to send an email to yourself (account2) and see if you get the appropriate signature in it. That would mean the problem is either locally or maybe even with your ISP or antivirus software.

– Empty Thunderbird's cache. Then redo your signature, even if this means simply erasing it and pasting again the same image. I have seen a few times when internal corruption made similar mishaps, and the cache would not tell you that your signature had suddenly gone wrong because it used old information. If that were to be the case, erasing and recreating your signature would solve the issue.
– If your signature is simply an image, I think the safest would be to store it in an external file and simply link to it (under "Use signature from a file")
I have saved my HTML signature (no image, though) in my profile folder; that way, it is safe from any unplanned modification.
Michel Gagnon

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