Cannot view certain emails in new 52.1.1 version

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Thunderbird novice here. I recently downloaded the new 52.1.1 version to a Mac.

I am trying to view all emails to/from a certain address, but it's only working up until a point. I began by using the "Search Messages" search all emails to/from this certain address, and it comes up with a window of a list of 264 emails to/from that address. So far, so good. I can click on any email in the first 200 or so on the list and open it just fine.

However, email #201 and beyond do not work. I click "Open," but the email that opens is blank, and the subject line is wrong. (In fact, it shows the subject line of the last email that I was actually able to open.) I've tried re-starting Thunderbird and re-importing the profile, but the problem remains. Why is it that it works up until one certain email, and every email after that is un-openable? Has anyone ever encountered this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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That suggests that the index file is corrupted. Right click on the name of the folder in which those messages are being reported as found. Select "Properties" from the context menu and then click on "Repair Folder" on the displayed dialogue.

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