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Hi, which would make the manipulation easier
Having just returned to Thunderbird under Ubuntu from Mac Mail there are two details which "bother" me.
1 >> I would appreciate it being easier to "drop" Thunderbird to the task-bar without quitting it. As a new-be I keep quitting it. Maybe a warning "do you really want to quit"? ... or a slightly more complex way of quitting. Whilst Thunderbird is open mail arrivals are posted on the Thunderbird icon on the task-bar which is great.
2 >> When printing an email to file, the default destination and name is in "mozilla" in "Home". Changing the destination directory is easy but in order to change the name of the file to be printed, the name "mozilla" though highlighted, has to be "un-highlighted" and wiped before typing something else. Normally a highlighted file name means that you can directly type over it which would make the manipulation easier.
Thanks for reading


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We are not run by or formally associated with Mozilla despite the similarity in names. We're a independent user community. The developers don't normally browse our forums (or the official support forum).

1. Try the MinimizeToTray revived add-on at ... ed/?src=ss

2. That might depend upon the driver used by the selected print queue. When I use the "Nitro PDF Creator" or the "Microsoft Print to PDF" queue to print a message to a PDF file the "save as" window typically defaults to untitled.pdf. Its highlighted by default and I just have to press the backspace button to delete it. I can then start typing the desired filename as the edit field already has the keyboard focus. I'm using Windows 10. If you have similar problems with printing to a file from other Linux applications perhaps the printer subsystem (cups, lpr, lpd etc.) you configured the distro to use is the culprit.


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