Thunderbird and OS X Calendar?

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Is there any known integration?

I know that if I receive an email with a calendar invite and I accept the invite the event gets added to both my OS X calendar app AND Thunderbird's right hand side "Today Pane" however if I create a new event in Calendar, it does not show in Thunderbird at all. I'd love if I weren't restricted to only clicked invites that sync between the two.


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Nope. One of the obstacles to better OS X integration is that very few of the developers have OS X machines. There was a recent thread in the tb-planning mailing list about poor OS X support that mentioned that, and mentioned plans to buy some Apple hardware for some developers. However, given the current priorities I suspect that will mainly be used just to help fix OSX specific bugs. For example the ability to import mail from Apple Mail using the import wizard has been broken for a long time.


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pingram3541 wrote: however if I create a new event in Calendar, it does not show in Thunderbird at all.

I synced my OS X Calendar with the Thunderbird/Lightning calendar via iCloud.
This worked fine until .... yesterday when Apple decided that app specific passwords will be required to sign in to third party apps such as Thunderbird, Outlook, ... ... make-them/

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