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I have a filter set up so that certain incoming messages are automatically forwarded to family members. This always worked in the past, but recently when these messages come in Thunderbird successfully sends to the first recipient, then fails to send to all subsequent ones and pops up an error message (one for each failure) saying smtp on gmail is invalid. The rule is set so that it sends a message to four people, one after the other. Any idea what changed? Thanks.

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Is it done via the same rule or 4 rules (i.e. one rule per family member)?

Anyway, I have never used such a rule for a large quantity of people, and never with a Gmail account, but I suspect it is a Gmail issue. If you have done all transfers via the same rule, there is a limit to the number of recipients in a Gmail address (10 or 25, including cc and bcc?). And if you have done the transfer with multiple rules, than I'm afraid that Google considers that sending 2 or more identical messages in rapid succession is spam.

How to solve it?
Make sure you only have one rule for family members. In the rule, forward as follows:
forward to –>;;

Incidentally, with a French system, the separator is the semicolon, without any space either before or after it. I suspect it might be the comma with a U.S. system.

If you do that a lot, you might want to create a Google group with everyone and subscribe everyone to it. That way, you'll only have to forward to "" and everyone will receive a copy, even if your Thunderbird is closed.
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