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I am using TB 52.2.0 32 bit on a thumb drive that has 1.22 Gb of memory left.

I have 6 email accounts that I use on this. The other accounts do not have this symptom and is pretty much mirrored in the relationship as to the server settings and account logins.

On this one account it shows up for a brief minute all of the folders and then the folders disappear. The folders are subscribed and checked. I have gone to the extent to remove the account, close TB, restart TB and then add the account and wait for a minute for everything to settle and it happens again.

I am using TB portable version, on a thumb drive on a windows 10 pc 64 bit with lots of memory.

Any clue as to what is going on?

Thank you for your input.


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Hi Luther,

It sounds like we have the same problem. I also posted on this same problem and am still waiting on a response. Earlier today, since I have received no help on what to do I decided to uninstall Thunderbird and then reinstalled it. So far it's been about 6 to 8 hours and I still have my folders for the one email account that has the disappearing folders. Even though I uninstalled Thunderbird I did not loose anything so when I reinstalled it I did not have to re add all my email accounts.

I'm hoping my problem is solved.


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