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I have three email accounts added that import my emails into Thunderbird. I have had these three account for several years. For some reason this week I have one account that my folders keep disappearing. I have deleted the account three times, waited, shutdown Thunderbird, and added the account again. It will be okay for about a day or a day and a half and then the folders disappear again.


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Any possibility it got re-configured to use a global inbox? That would hide the accounts folders and have it use folders in "Local Folders" instead. See

If the account is still listed in the folder pane but loses some of its folders check the local directory setting (where the account stores mail folders and message filters) at the base of the accounts server settings hasn't changed. If it does Thunderbird will create the special folders such as the inbox and sent folders but any of the inbox child folders will disappear since they are in the old local directory location. You can use the Browse button (near the local directory setting) to change it back to the old local directory. Its usually named after the mail server. For example, if you had a Gmail POP account it might be at ..\Mail\

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I just checked the global instructions you provided and it seems to me that if the global option was in force then I would see no folders for any of my accounts. So since only one is missing the folders then I don't think that's the problem.

In regards to the locale settings directory I compared the settings for the problem account with the settings for the other two accounts and it looked the same except for one has gmail, one has gmail-8 and one has gmail-9.

As I was logging just now in I just saw someone else had posted with the same problem.

I forgot to mention I have Thunderbird 52.2.0 I have added no new addons in over a year. The only thing that really is different is I updated Win10 with the lastest updates last week.

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Were you OK until Thursday, which is when 52.2.0 came out?

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No, the problem started earlier in the week.

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