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Post Posted June 17th, 2017, 11:01 am

Seems like each time Tbird updates, I lose my ability to send GMail messages. They come in fine, but when I reply, or write a new message, I get the bad password error. When I try to enter the password it tells me it's the wrong password. It's not. Took me a week of fiddling last time to get it to work. Still don't know what made it work. I was surprised when it did.


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Try deleting the saved password, exiting (since the deleted password is still in memory) and restarting. When prompted for the password enter it and check the checkbox to save it. There is a known problem where if there is a hard connection error Thunderbird will fail to login regardless of what password you provide. This workarounds around it.

I have two Gmail accounts and they are working fine. I'm using OAuth2 rather than "normal password".

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