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I get HTML emails with URLs in them that are NOT links. I rely on Thunderbird converting these URLs into links by interpreting the message.

I have Thunderbird 52 installed on 2 Windows computers - on one the URLs convert to links automatically, on the other they are shown as text.

I found a work-around by switching Body view to plain text (then the URLs are converted to a links) however then I lose the ability to view images in emails and need to switch back and forth between text and HTML view. ](*,)

I thought this is related to some scam/spam filtering and now allowed all remote content in the settings but it's still not showing the links. I tried re-installing thunderbird.

Does anyone know why this is occuring? What controls if a text link in a HTML message is converted to a link or not?


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This happens when a message sent from some mobile mail apps includes a link that is entered directly as a URL, rather than embedded in a string of text, e.g. like http://www.url.lnk instead of like this. The mail app has no plain text option, just 'rich text'. There are a couple of add-ons that simplify the opening of such links: ... text-link/ ... /url-link/

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