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I've been using Thunderbird for years now to retrieve and organize mail from a number of gmail and outlook/hotmail accounts (3 active, and 3 inactive for archive purposes).
Rules are set to move both incoming and outgoing messages to/from specific people into various folders, and these folders are set to display messages by date, most recent at the top. I am not using, nor interested in using, the "conversation" view.

Everything worked fine until the last update (52.2.0 32-bit). After that update, for the active accounts only, all the outgoing emails have disappeared from the custom folders, and all outgoing messages except the outgoing read receipts (!?) disappeared from the Sent folder. These messages can still be found in the "all mail" folder, but they will not appear in any other folder, even if I try to manually move them back.
Also, after each computer shutdown and startup, the view reverts to default date view (most recent at the bottom).

I have many years of personal and professional emails stored that I have to keep, so I would like to avoid loosing these archives, if at all possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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