Folders of only one account disappear from folder pane

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As the title says, the folders of one of my accounts (the first in figure below) have disappeared from the folder pane. The other two accounts are still fine, all folders show as expected. The folders have shown fine for this account for a couple of years now.

The folders disappeared a few days ago. Before they disappeared, Thunderbird seemed to download the email headers as the account was just added (showing that it was downloading 30000+ email headers), which was never the case before. After a while, when Thunderbird seemed to have downloaded all headers, the folders disappeared.

Reading some other posts about similar problems, Menu > Folders is set to "All" (this never changed). If I right-click on the folder and choose "Subscribe", the folders of the IMAP email account show as expected.

All help is greatly appreciated.



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You're not just losing child folders of the inbox, both the inbox folder and the account name are gone in the folder pane?
See if unchecking "show only subscribed folders" in the servers settings -> advanced has any effect. You might also experiment with temporarily disabling offline folders for that account and global search/indexing.

My main account is with which uses a modified Cyrus IMAP server. Who is your email provider?

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