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I like using Gmail thru Thunderbird together with all the other my email addresses.
Anyway, I found out that I have to enable access for less secure apps in order to send mails, otherwise I only can receive mails.
It seems that there is another possibility: the two-step authentication, but then I should insert the password every time I use it.
Is there a third possibility? I don't want to allow the acces to any app, I simply want Thunderbird to be allowed.


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You can use "OAuth2" for authentication if you enable cookies for However, I don't understand your objection to using "normal password" for authentication. You just need to enable "access for less secure apps" in gmail webmail. That's just marketing spin promoting their webmail and gmail app by claiming its more secure. It really isn't. The only real difference is that if you use OAuth2 the user can't see their stored password using a Thunderbird menu command. In both cases you send a secret (a password or a OAuth2 token) over a encrypted connection to the mail server.

Enabling "access for less secure apps" just means that if you use a email client such as Thunderbird (which is actually a windows desktop application, not a app.) Gmail doesn't refuse your attempt to login using a username/password.

You will run into this problem if you use a Gmail IMAP account or want to send messages using the Gmail SMTP server. The Gmail POP account doesn't support OAuth2, so they just push two step verification instead.


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