notifications show incorrect sender name (Mac)

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I've been having this issue for a long time as well, with several versions of Thunderbird.

Version is 52.2.1 (64-bit)
Mail account is IMAP
Email service is via Dovecot.
No Antivirus/firewall
Folders are compacted every month or so.

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To what notifications are you referring?

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The pop-up notification that tells you that new mail has arrived.

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I also have this issue.

It does not affect all incoming mail, for example the new account registration email I received a few minutes ago (so I could make this post) did appear from the correct sender in the pop-up notification. However other messages are often incorrect - those that are incorrect always cite familiar senders. The familiar senders are often those related to filters I have created (in order to move incoming messages to particular folders).

Are there other diagnostics I could run to be more informative ?

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