5.7.0 Authentication required.

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Starting from today one of my two mail accounts I have on Thunderbird stopped sending out emails.
I updated Thunderbird to 52.2.1 (32 bit)
We have an internal server MDaemon with IMAP service on both accounts.
Both accounts have the same SMTP ports, 25, one is working and the other one is not.
I re-entered password, login name, but nothing is happening.
I can send email with my phone, so I guess MDeamon is working properly.
I can receive emails.
It seems it is just the SMTP service of Thunderbird for that specific account that is not working.
I tried to put No Authentication required for the STMP server of that specific account with no success.
Any further idea?


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If your anti-virus scanner is configured to scan outgoing messages disable that feature. You can leave it enabled for scanning incoming messages.

There is a known bug if you get a hard connection error where a perfectly good password (and any password you enter when it prompts you for the password after a login failure) will fail. The workaround for that is to delete the saved password, exit (since the deleted password is still in memory) and when prompted for the password enter it and check the checkbox to save it.

A 535 5.7.0 SMTP error typically means you didn't specify a method of authentication that the SMTP server supports. Typically that occurs if you did not select Authentication method: Normal password and enter a username or email address (whichever is appropriate for your mail server configuration) in the user name field in the SMTP server settings. In old versions of Thunderbird there used to be a checkbox that also had to be checked to say that it requires authentication.

If none of this helps add a Gmail IMAP account and verify that you can send a message using it. That is not a suggested workaround, it just eliminates several culprits if it works. See if you want to enable SMTP logging to see exactly what Thunderbird exchanges with the SMTP server.

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