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I am using Thunderbird 52.2.1 (64-bit) on a Ubuntu 16.04 PC

It appears I accidentally trashed lost_folder in the Inbox, even though I could not see the folder there when I searched Trash. However, when I searched /home/my_acct/.thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.default/Mail/Local Folders/Trash, I found lost_folder and files lost_folder.sbd and lost_folder.

On moving this folder and files back to Inbox/ and restarting Thunderbird, lost_folder showed up as Inbox/lost_folder and contained all the sub-folders and files that existed before lost_folder was trashed. I could even move emails to lost_folder sub-folders.

The problem is my filters no longer work on the "restored" folders: "The folder 'lost-folder' could not be found, so filter(s) associated with this folder will be disabled. Verify that the folder exists, and that filters point to a valid destination folder."

Q: How do I get my filters to work on the "restored" folders?


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Did you try selecting a different folder and then re-selecting the desired folder using the "Choose folder" list box in the message filter?

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Thanks! That is exactly what was missing.

It appears the filter's "Move Message to" field was cleared to "Choose message folder" when the folder had been Trash'ed and was not found. On resetting this field, the filter worked as intended.

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