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In previous versions of Thunderbird, when exporting e-mails to .eml files, the files used to be prefixed with a date like 20170820- ...
(which was very handy for keeping archives ordered, although I would have wished for a more complet time stamp like yyyymmddThhmmss to avoid (nearly) any title collision)

In current version, since some update, I don't remember the version but it was that big update when all menu were re-organised, I don't find anyway to have my e-mails exported prefixed with timestamp. Is this still possible?

Thank you


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Thunderbird has limited support for exporting messages as .eml files. Its really meant for saving the occasional message as a separate file. I suggest you use the ImportExportTools add-on to export the selected messages as .eml files. I don't remember whether or not it adds a timestamp but I spotted "export all messages of a folder, the files will have the name created by subject+index+date. If you prefer the order date+subject+index, enable this option in preferences panel;" in the support web page. ... porttools/

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Yes thank, this is what I was looking for.

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