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I would really appreciate any guidance on the following.

I have set up an HTML signature for my emails which include a couple of images (Corporate Header and a Signature).

Since upgrading to the latest version of Thunderbird (today) and email I try to send is rejected by my mail server as it has been identified as Spam. The company who provides my email services (Heart Internet) have advised that my ration of Images to text is too large.

If I delete the image parts, then the email is sent without any issue.

I have also created the same style of email using Microsoft Outlook and the same email server (Heart Internet) and the messages are sent with no problem, therefore it seems to be a problem stemming from Thunderbird.

I hope I have explained this clearly - computer tech is not my strong point.

Any guidance would be appreciated, as I would prefer to continue to use Thunderbird.

Thanks in advance.


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It might not have a problem with the same message from Outlook due to it using a different encoding scheme (quoted-printable rather than base64) for the embedded images. The two schemes are roughly equivalent. I suspect you would not run into this problem if you sent noticeably longer messages (more text).

You might be able to workaround this problem by using remote images rather then embedded images in your signature. However, my first thought would be to reconfigure the Heart Internet account to use another accounts SMTP server (different email provider), if you have one.

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