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I am having an issue with html code. I have tried using insert HTML and insert my code and it comes up with red boxes all around my website. Not only that, but not of the links in the webpage work. Can someone direct me to get the red boxes off and the links to work? The links are to youtube videos but I need them as they work from the webpage I am grabbing it from.



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Do you have a link to the page online?
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Does your inserted code include html tables? The message editor shows table cell outlines in red while in edit mode. This is said to allow for easier editing of the table. The red outlines are not present when the message is sent.

Similarly, automatic activation of text recognized as a link is not operational while in edit mode, unless you explicitly use Insert/HTML or Insert/Link options. This again is said to be to make editing easier.

To see how the message will actually look when sent, save a draft copy then view the draft (or just send yourself a copy).
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