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Hi, thnks for reading.

I'm trying to make a signature that has text and an image in it, and I would like the image to be hyperlinked to a particular website. I'm not having much luck though. Here's the HTML I used when I tried to define an HTML file as the signature source:

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<title>" *** "</title>
<meta keywords=" *** " />

<p style="font-size:14;font-weight:bold;"> *** </p>
<a href="http://www.***.***" target="_blank"><img src="***/***/***.html" alt="www.***.***"></a>


That pulls up nothing as a signature at all, even though when I open the HTML page directly, the signature is fine. If I change the extension from HTML to PNG, the png image shows up fine as a signature, but I loose the hyperlink.

Is there a simplified tutorial about how to do this somewhere? Your help is appreciated.


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