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A few months back I asked for help because the tbird function buttons for the Inbox folder wouldn't display on the right under the subject window. I fixed it but shortly after, the problem started again. After a while I discovered that when the quick filter toolbar is selected in View > Toolbars, the function buttons on the right such as delete, forward email, mark as junk, more settings get squashed down to a very small gray bar. I played around for quite a while till I discovered that when I de-select the Quick Filter toolbar the buttons are restored immediately. Trouble is, 9 out of 10 times when I start tbird the Quick Filter toolbar is automatically selected and the buttons squashed. Since this annoyance started I tried many ways to fix it but the problem persists: I de-select the Quick Filter toolbar and tbrid selects it when I boot up or otherwise load tbird to check mail. I use v. 52.3.0 32 bit.
I have a jpg of the function buttons but don't see a way to attach it to this post.


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