Can I include a photo as part of my signature?

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BruceAWittmeier wrote:I'd suggest LoveMyFoxy's idea -- it will make life more simple.

From the instructions -- bottom of the page.

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Including an image in your signature
To include an image in your HTML signature (this won't work with plain-text signatures), include the image in the message in the normal way.
If the image file is on your computer, then Thunderbird attaches the file in each message that you send, so that people who receive your message can see the image.
If the image is on a web server, then you can choose not to attach the file. However, in this case people who receive your message might not see the image if they choose to block remote images for privacy reasons.
If you create a signature file using some other program, ensure that the image tag contains the complete URL of the image file, not just the file name. Thunderbird requires a complete URL so that it can attach the image.
If you get a "Sending of message failed. There was an error attaching . Please check if you have access to the file" error message you might be running into a bug that changes the path of the image file. Try installing the QuoteAndComposeManager add-on and checking "Try to fix images paths in functions etc" if that occurs.


Meant to include this too -- this will show you the syntax for HTML:
and this:

COULD NOT FIND "QuoteAndComposeManager.' Please help.

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