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I have installed Thunderbird 52.3.0 and now the version 52.4.0 has been released on 6th, October but Thunderbird only show the earlier version (52.3.0) to download from the webpage and from the update option inside Thunderbird. What is the problem? Is that release 52.4.0 completly functional? I have downloaded it from the ftp server but, for the moment, I prefer to wait before install it to check if there is some possible misfunction.


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Post Posted October 9th, 2017, 8:49 am ... hunderbird includes builds that have not been formally released yet. You downloaded it while it was still a release candidate. Most of the time they're accepted by QA and released within about a day but sometimes it takes several attempts. I suggest you rely upon Thunderbird being configured to automatically check for new releases in tools -> options -> advanced -> update. That is safest. It can add a few days delay though as sometimes they release a new major version (via the automated update mechanism) only for a small percentage of users, and based on feedback decide whether its ready to be released to everyone. However 52.4.0 is a minor version. It's now available at

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I have installed the latest version 52.4.0 with the update option and is working fine. I know that sometimes the latest release is ready to download some days after its publication date, but I think it would be better to avoid such a situation and leave the pogram in the "beta" channel to reduce any possible confusion betwenn an operational version and a test version.
Thanks for your answer. :)

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52.4.0 is not a test version - and there's nothing to suggest that it is.

Simply, there can be a delay between when the update is offered and the download page is revised. And vice versa - it is entirely possible for the web page to show 52.4.0 and automatic updates be turned off and not offer the newest version.

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