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I have installed, on Windows 7 x64 Home, Thunderbird 52.4.0 (32 bits), Enigmail and Gpg4win 3.0.0 (GnuPG only). Thunderbird crash in some cases after the first start of the program, when the option KeyManager og Enigmail is selected. When fail, the KeyManager option remain active with the message: Loading Keys, please wait, but nothing happen (no keys loaded, no keys showed). When I close that window and try to quit Thunderbird an error report appear on the screen saying that Thunderbird is already runnig and canĀ“t be closed, then sending the error report to Thunderbird server. The process gpg-agent.exe is loaded and Enimail is using GnuPg/bin/gpg.exe program.


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Post Posted October 14th, 2017, 1:34 pm ... /f17cf70a/ appears to be your thread on the enigmail support forum. If you get a solution/workaround from him after you give him your debug log please post a copy of it here.

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