Can I change the order of the mail accounts?

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I have many email accounts and need them in a certain order. I can't see any way of re-ordering them besides deleting them and adding them in the order I need. Of course this is a very poor way of organization because who knows what will change in the future and I certainly don't want to delete accounts with possibly thousands of messages in there all in specific organization.

There must be a way of reordering them? Alphabetical? Like the rest of the world?


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Yes. See or ... t-folders/

FYI unless you check the checkbox to delete the POP accounts data it doesn't delete the folders when you delete an account, it just forgets that account exists. If you add the account later on you can change the "local directory" to use the old local directory that has the original folders. I'm not suggesting this as a way to change the account order, but its useful to know.

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