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Hi !

We use thunderbird as corporate e-mail client with disabled synchronization, because we are have IMAP server (dovecot) in LAN and mailboxes with size between 2 and 100 gigs. Some time ago (first time that was couple of months ago) i received a call from user with empty attachment problem during opening attachment (if attachment saved, saved file opens normally in ~99%).

Problem is floating, the only reason i found - disabled local mail storage synchronization.

- If problem message with attachment is forwarded - attachment in forward opens normally at same machine, attachment in original message still not.
- If problem message accessed from other client (roundcube) or another system with TB, attached file opens normally.
- Sender can be any, mostly it's a TB of same version in same mail domain (now it is a TB 52.4.0 32-bit).
- OS - winxp x86-win10x86_64, server 2003 r2 (terminal mode).
- Antivirus - MSE/ms defender/none.
- Settings of AV (or any other email account settings except local sync) in TB have no matter.
- Files that can't be opened from TB, if saved separately - handles by OS and opens normally at the same system and same time.
- %tmp% and %temp% are ok, and have space on it.

Doesn't help:
- Clearing TB cache, setting it to 0 or any size;
- Repairing inbox folder in TB folder settings;
- Deleting imap folder in user profile file system manually with file manager, and re-downloading later whole mailbox again
- Editing or deleting any settings and substitutions for file attachments if TB.

We can't use TB with enabled mail sync - we are using mail server as mail storage and it's insane to store terabyte of mail in user profiles at terminal server, then it already stored at IMAP server in same LAN...

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