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I'm really, really hoping someone else has some experience with this as I've been googling for days trying to figure something out.

For work, when I'm one of the Office 365 admins, we use "delegated accounts" for e-mail. Basically, has rights to e-mail When we add to John's Outlook, the wizard adds "" but we use "" as the user name and password. This works great in Outlook. It's great cause when John moves on and Jane moves in we simply give Jane access to my_job and remove John's access.

I have 2 or 3 of these accounts that I routinely use delegated to me. My main account works fine in Thunderbird w/ IMAP. However, I cannot seem to get the right user name combination for the delegated accounts. Searching I believe that either "domain\john_doe\my_job" should work *or* "\" *or* "\my_job" might work. In Account Settings, Email Address is and Server Settings is where I'm changing the user name.

If I use "" as the user name, the server authenticates fine, but then pulls in John's personal mailbox, not the shared/delegated account.

Thunderbird on Linux, DavMail is an option as I'm already using it for sending. (It was more reliable than straight SMTP to Microsoft's servers). However, using DavMail also gives me the user name/password issue.
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Can you configure a "public folder" in the IMAP accounts advanced server settings? That is a way to let somebody use somebody else's mailbox without having their credentials, or to share a folder with a team. Normally you'd have an admin configure ACLs so that the users have the ability to access the public folder but it sounds like a delegated account might do the same thing.

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I looked at a public folder like that, but it's not really what we're going for...

I did find the answer. I was on the right track with the user name, but I hadn't combine the formats. I found this: viewtopic.php?t=663143 where he's having the same issues.

The username for local Exchange is domain/user/mailbox with Office365 it ends up being Apparently the forward slash actually matters as well. (So, this might be different if you in Windows...)

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