Instlling T-bird in Ubuntu Linux over multiple user profiles

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Post Posted October 22nd, 2017, 10:45 am

I am in the process of moving over to Linux from Windows 10. I use multiple user profiles to keep the different hats I wear separate. However, I need to be able to access T-bird from each of the profiles so am wondering where I should put my T-bird profile folder. I thought about using the Public folder in my root user profile. Is that a good place? (Please keep in mind that I am new to Linux when you answer.)


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Post Posted October 22nd, 2017, 8:17 pm

I've used various linux distros but never one with a public folder. According to ... computers/ Ubuntu originally added that for the Personal File Sharing tool, which is no longer included with Ubuntu by default. However, it seems a reasonable location for Thunderbird profiles. Whats not clear to me is why you don't want to use the default Profiles directory. Its normally ~/.thunderbird/<Profile name>/ if you're using a Mozilla build, and ~/.mozilla-thunderbird<Profile name> if you're using a third party build from Ubuntu, Debian etc. Is it because you are going to use multiple Linux user accounts?

See ... hunderbird for how to move a Thunderbird profile.

I recommend using the Mozilla build as that gets updated more often and avoids some potential issues. hasn't been updated for years but should still be useful.

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