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I have used Cloudmark DesktopOne filter for Thunderbird for years.

It filters most of spam messages.
Sadly it stops functioning after December 1, 2017.

Looking for replacement filter. Spamfighter and MailWasher seems be good choices.
Your experiences with them?

How good is Thunderbird built-in bayesian statistical analysis filter?


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Well, as a very long term/time user of Mailwasher Pro, I can say that it's most definitely "worth the money."
Their help forum is extremely quick & knowledgeable.
With that & the excellent ISP filters, I've never had a bug in/on my system.

Why not try the free version 1st?
It is "sorta" limited but you'll see exactly how it functions.

(NB: I have no affiliation to either MWP or Firetrust. I just use the program.)

As for the latest version of Thunderbird & it's filters.....Cannot say, as I still use v2.x.x.x. :)
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I've never used either of those. The main downside of SpamFighter seems to be its limited to its own community based DNS black list. I believe Mailwasher lets you choose which black list (such as spamhaus) to use. So do perfectly good old open source tools that aren't popular anymore such as SpamPal because they don't have a company promoting them.

If you really want the best anti-spam tool I'd suggest SpamAssassin. There are versions that support Windows, and you can configure Thunderbird to use it. However, it is typically run on a server (not the client) since it is not light weight and requires you to learn how to tweak its rules and decide which of its plug-ins to use if you want to do significantly better than client software using black lists. Personally, I don't use anything since my email providers do a good job of detecting spam.

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