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Using the most recent version of Thunderbird with Windows 7 Professional, I am unable to log on to my e-mail account to retrieve messages the past few days. I have no problem SENDING messages and I can retrieve from the ISP's webmail interface with no problem using the same credentials. My wife has the same setup except Windows 10 and she's having no problem. This has happened to me about once a year recently and typically lasts a week or so before spontaneously resolving. The error message is "Server Error". Nothing else has changed on my system. Is there a way to fix this annoying problem or do I just have to wait it out again?


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If that is the full and complete error message text you will likely have to wait it out. The error indicates it's a problem on the server side, either with the particular server your account is accessing or with the server's recognition of your account. Sending accesses different servers than receiving. As you have made no changes to Thunderbird and your credentials are still valid through web mail, it suggests that something on the POP or IMAP server (how is that account set up?) is problematic.

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