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Hi all.

I would like my inbox (the list of the messages in the folder) to look like this: ... 82d170.png

Instead of the "Compact View" where all the information of that email is in just one line. Other email clients allow you to do that, but I don't see this anywhere on Thunderbird.

Is this even possible?


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Thunderbird doesn't natively offer multiple lines per message in the message list pane, regardless of the view selected.
There is an extension called OutlookAlike BETA that tried to come close the an Outlook style layout but it hasn't been updated in three years and it's not clear that it could work with the newest versions of Thunderbird. ... src=search


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There is no support for having multiple lines per message in the folder listing like Outlook has. This has been a long standing request. The issue was the existing toolkit provided poor support for that, so it would be too much work to implement. Outlook creates a different pane for the folder listing in that configuration while Thunderbird just re-arranges the existing panes in a different layout. See

You can start by selecting view -> layout -> vertical view and view -> layout -> message pane. There is also a add-on to provide Wide Thread and Stacked layouts at

Your third pane in the screen shot looks like its for calendars/tasks lists. I haven't used the Lightning calendar add-on for many years but you might be able to configure it to use a vertical pane . ReminderFox (a less popular alternative) wouldn't support a vertical pane. You could use the Google Calendar Tab add-on to display a google calendar in a tab, but not in a vertical pane. See for links to those add-ons.

There is a commercial email client based on enhancements to a very old version of Thunderbird called Postbox that supports multiple lines per message in the folder listing. However, you should be aware that they only support a few add-ons, and offer no support. We periodically have PostBox users asking for help in these forums since they have no where else to go.

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