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I am having trouble configuring the "Mozilla Thunderbird" client with TELUS (Canada / Quebec).

With the Windows Live Mail 2012 or Outlook 2016 client, everything works fine.
However, I want to use Mozilla Thunderbird.

Here is the configuration with Outlook 2016:

User Information
Your Name: ****
Email Address: ****

Server Information
Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Logon Information
User Name: ****
Password: ********

Remember password: Check
Require logon using Secure Password Authentication: Uncheck

More Settings
Mail Account:

Other fields are empty

Outgoing Server
My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication: Check
Use same settings as my incoming mail server: Check

Other fields are empty

Server Ports Numbers
Incoming server (POP3): 110
This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL): uncheck

Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
Use the following type of encrypted connection: None

With Mozilla Thunderbird, the incoming server is IMAP and I cannot change it.
He chooses

Mozilla Thunderbird server settings
Server Name:
Port: 143
Username: ****

Security setting
Security of the connection: None
Authentication method: Password, unsecured transmission

Outgoing server (SMTP)
Server name:
Port: 587
Username: ****
Authentication method: Password, unsecured transmission
Connection security: None

With TELUS, it is POP3 and I cannot change this option for IMAP using Outlook 2016 because the option is written in gray and is inaccessible.

One of my friends uses Mozilla Thunderbird on one of his computers with TELUS without problems. However, when he wants to install it on his other machine nothing to do. Yet we checked the Thunderbird settings and they are identical. I know we can export profiles but I want to be able to set up a new TELUS IMAP account with Mozilla Thunderbird.

The following messages appear depending on what I tried:

• Authentication failed - The identification on the server failed.

• The configuration cannot be verified - an error for the username or password?

• Thunderbird could not find the settings for your mail account.

I would like you to help me.

Thank You
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It sounds as though Thunderbird's New Account wizard can not find the information required to set up the POP account with See the fourth bullet item in this link for information on manually configuring the settings for a new account -- ... hunderbird

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I am not with Telus. While they *now* also offer IMAP, it seems IMAP connection is very hard to find on their servers. The only page I was able to find is this one:
(check for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Live Mail as they seem to be the most complete (or less incomplete) explanations.

Now note that it is impossible to convert and existing configuration from POP to IMAP, whether with Thunderbird or with Outlook. So basically leave (for now) the POP account you have configured. Maybe just prevent it from fetching messages. And configure a *new* account as an IMAP account.

So from what I gather on their page and my experience with *other* accounts:

1. In Thunderbird, create a new account.

2. Type your name, email address and password, then click on continue. As soon as it starts, click on "Manual configuration

3. IN the full dialog box, configure the inbound and outbound mail:
– name, email address and password
– inbound server: IMAP ; ; port = 143; SSL = none ; authentication = normal password (mot de passe normal)
– outbound server : ; port = 25 (that's surprising) ; SSL = none ; authentication = normal password
– identifiers (identifiants) : both for the inbound and outbound servers, put your full "yourAddress at"

Normally, it should work. The first time you will gather messages, it will stop and ask for your password, and save it afterwards. Likewise, the first time you send a message, it will stop and ask for your password (the outgoing one, but that's normally the same). Sometimes, because of the time it stops to ask for passwords, it may "forget" to pick up the mail or refuse to send your message. So don't send a 2-page message the first time! Once passwords are remembered, there won't be any issues.

Once you check that everything works, you may erase the "other" POP3 account connection you had set up previously.

P.S. If Telus absolutely refuses IMAP connections (I doubt it, but who knows), you could stay in POP and configure Thunderbird to "leave messages on the server" for, say 1-2 months.

Security and ports

Traditionally, port 25 worked without any password, but only while at home, while port 587 worked with authentication, but anywhere in the world. Likewise, many systems offer a secure connection, or at least a way to send a secure password.

You may try secure connections later on to see if it works. But it is easy to change parameters to use a secure connection; you don't need to reconfigure an entire new account.
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