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Windows 10 Pro set up Thunderbird with profile at a custom location d:\email\name\nameprofile\BM11jtrname.
Over time it has accumulated hundreds of cache.trash folders occupying over 8 GB of space in total
I assume it is safe to delete the cache.trash folders
Is there a way to keep them from recurring?


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Post Posted November 30th, 2017, 2:24 pm ... hunderbird

I don't have any and never heard of that file before. Perhaps because I always disabled the Firefox disk cache and relied solely upon the memory cache. I can find old threads about Firefox that mention it. Supposedly "Firefox moves the current cache folder to a cash trash folder if Firefox hasn't updated the cache index files properly on the previous close down (_CACHE_CLEAN_ file)." Perhaps your files are leftover from Thunderbird crashing or not closing correctly. Recent versions of the Mozilla toolkit have been causing problems for some Thunderbird add-ons, due to some APIs being dropped/changed. This is a known issue. Its going to get worse in the next major version. I suggest you take a look at what add-ons you have, you might need to find more recent alternatives for some.

A similar thread for Thunderbird was . It stated its safe to delete those files but didn't address why they were created or how to prevent them.

Personally I keep the Thunderbird cache limited to 10MB since I find its not very useful.

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