Scanning whole msg dir tree and show unread messages as num?

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Post Posted November 30th, 2017, 3:09 pm

Assuem I have a big (imported) mbox dir tree in one of my accounts.

The folders on the left ide do not show how many unread message they contain.
Ok, I could click on each of them and after the folder name appears the number like

events (14)

Since I have over 300 folders this manually update is rather uncomfortable.

How can I tell Thunderbird to auto-re-scan a whole msg dir tree (or even better a whole account), and index the containing messages and show for each (sub) folder the unread messages?



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Click on the weird looking small widget at the right end of the column headers for the folder pane, and select "unread" from the list box. That will add a unread column. That widget looks just like the same one at the right end of the column headers for the folder listing, just above the vertical scroll bar.

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