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Has anyone visited the new and unimproved Mozilla addons site?

Amongst the options offered at the top, there basically is only the option of finding extensions for "other browser sites  –> Addons for Android". The only ways to find extensions for Thunderbird (or Seamonkey) is to either know the address ( or go at the bottom and click on "Visit classic desktop site". Then options to display extensions for Thunderbird are displayed.

So, I'm aware that Mozilla wants to boot out Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Are there plans to host extensions elsewhere?

P.S. The French version also has a translation error, as it says "Afficher la version pour ordinateur", which literally means : "Display the version for computers". Is the newer version for robots or gremlins?
Michel Gagnon


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The Thunderbird Council is planning on hosting their own add-ons web site for Thunderbird. Its part of their becoming independent, even though they ultimately decided to keep Mozilla as their financial/legal home. I don't think they have announced the schedule yet. I don't know whats planned for SeaMonkey, its developed by a different organization.

Even when it says you have selected Thunderbird, searches can return Firefox add-ons. They have also removed the Thunderbird web page for legacy add-ons that support multiple applications such as ublock origin and adblock plus. However, if you click on the version history link for the Firefox version of the add-on you can find old versions that support Thunderbird.

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Post Posted December 2nd, 2017, 12:00 pm

Thanks. Having been a Thunderbird user for many years, I pretty much have all that I want in terms of extensions, but it's always nice to have them around, especially when I make a new convert to Thunderbird.
Michel Gagnon

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