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I have several email accounts that load into my Thunderbird email program. I want to delete one of those accounts, but the option to delete it in account settings or account identity delete option not functioning.

I need a way to delete it and have hit a brick wall messing with it or reading the how to online. There is no drop down arrow anywhere labeled Account Actions. I'm using Thunderbird 52.5.0.

'Select the unwanted account in the left-hand Folder Pane. Right-click it, select "Settings".

The Account Settings pane will appear, with the chosen account highlighted. At the bottom of the pane is a button labelled Account Actions, which when clicked will reveal an option to Remove Account. You can select and remove as many accounts as you wish, but note that you won't be permitted to remove the default account. You must first designate another account as the default. "

Any assist is so greatly appreciated.
Marie Morris


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Using menu path Tools->Account Settings you don't find the "Account Actions" drop down shown in this image at the bottom of the left hand pane?

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