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After working for several years correctly, suddenly TB has changed to bringing in new messages to the trash folder, instead of the inbox [I only have one account on this computer].
I tried everything I could to correct this, but nothing changed the incoming folder.
I tried deleting the account, and reentering it. No go.
Then I deleted TB completely, and reinstalled it. Also no go.

Can anyone help fix this problem? I am at wits end!


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Post Posted January 1st, 2018, 9:51 pm

My first thought was that it was due to a corrupt inbox folder but you stated the problem still occurred after creating a new account. I assume you started with empty folders in the new account rather than changing the "local directory" setting to reuse the deleted accounts folders.

Try safe mode (help -> restart with add-ons disabled) to see if you're running into a side effect of a add-on that no longer works correctly. A number of add-ons no longer work correctly due to dropped APIs (caused by changes in the Mozilla toolkit) in recent updates to Thunderbird.

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