Switching from 32bit pc to 64bit pc ?

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I have Thunderbird up and running on a Windows 10 32bit PC, wiith email storage on a seperate partition (E:\thunderbird\...), all OK.

I've just assembled a new PC running Windows 10 64 bit, can some body point me in the right direction so I can transfer my emails, address book etc.?

Thanks in advance.



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The OS version (32bit vs 64bit) has no impact on your requirements. The same version of Thunderbird will run under either version. See this article for migrating your data: ... hunderbird
For a concise, less detailed version of the process, see this thread --

For an alternative approach, see tanstaafl's posts in this thread -- viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2942915&p=14209121#p14209121

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