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I just installed Thunderbird for the first time trying to convert from Outlook 2013. I am sick of Microsoft! I have set up my personal registered domain name email and my hotmail account. I have a TON of events/ meetings already on my HOTMAIL account. Yes, I know hotmail is old but hey, I have a lot of business associated with that email.

The email and folders come through beautifully. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the calendar events won't show up. They are there when I log in the web-based version of Outlook and also everything is there in my Outlook 2013. I have enabled the Lightening add-on.

Why won't my Hotmail calendar show up? How do I get this to work? I can't switch to Thunderbird until this is fixed.

One other newbie question that I haven't found in the FAQ/ knowledgebase is if there is a way to import my Outlook files into THunderbird. That is another barrier for me.


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I don't think the built-in import wizard in Thunderbird knows how to import calendars. Typically you import a calendar using a calendar add-on (such as Lightning or ReminderFox) using a menu command that the add-on adds, to import a .ics file.

What to do depends upon whether you want to use a remote calendar or just import your calendar.

Lightning has built-in support for the CalDAV protocol (a way to access remote calendars). There are also add-ons such as ... ar/?src=ss that can be used with Google Calendar if you don't want to use CalDAV. The problem is that the Hotmail/Outlook calendar doesn't support CalDAV, and is Exchange based. ... ng/?src=ss will work with Exchange 2007 and later. That might work with Hotmail. I don't know which version of Exchange its using.

If you don't know how to add an add-on see the example in . That is for a different add-on but its the same process.

You might be able to log into Hotmail using a browser and export the calendar as a .ics file. Lightning can import the calendar using a .ics file. It might also be possible to export the calendar as a .ics file from Outlook. That won't keep the calendar in sync, its only useful as a way to migrate the data.

If you need support for EWS (Exchange Web Services, Microsoft's successor to Exchange) there is a shareware add-on at ... es/?src=ss that supports that.

Sorry that I'm only mentioning possibilities, I don't use a remote calendar so I don't keep track of exactly what is supported for Hotmail/Outlook.

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