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I am currently using an ATT email provider and am changing. My emails currently show up in Thunderbird in folders under my email address. I want to save these emails when I switch to Gmail using Thunderbird. Do I need to move these emails to a local folder?

I assume that the folders under Local Folders are stored on my computer and still be there when I make the switch.



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Yes, the messages in the Local Folders structure are stored on your computer.

It's better to create a new account in Thunderbird to access mail from the new provider, rather than to change the settings on the current AT&T account. That way you can retain access to the old system until you are certain that the account with the new provider if functioning properly in Thunderbird. After that, messages could be moved into the folders of the new account, or into sub-folders of Local Folders, as you wish, and the old account removed from Thunderbird if appropriate. ... _providers

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