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I set up IMAP for my Gmail account. When I check the mail it says I'm connected, but get any mail.
These are my settings:

Any ideas?


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What error message are you receiving when trying to get mail?
Did you enable IMAP access by email clients in the settings page of the Gmail site?


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"normal password" requires that you you log into using a browser and select "Allow to let less secure apps access your Google account". The alternative is to configure the authentication method to use OAuth2. That merely requires that Thunderbird be able to store a cookie for the google domain.

If none helps see if you have a "captcha" by trying to login to gmail using a browser. If there is one, that will give you the opportunity to get rid of it and also verify that your username/password is still valid. However, if you have "Two step verification" enabled you need to create a app password and use it with Thunderbird instead of the normal password, since Thunderbird does not support Two step verification. ... &ctx=topic

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