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I have started to use Thunderbird. Recently I have faced one problem. I will demonstrate in a case scenario. I have received an email which has embedded images inside from the person A. I can see the images up to this moment. Then, I forward that email to the person B. The person B (the recipient) cannot see the images while I could not see the images for that Forward mail as well. I have tried many methods which I could find from online forum sources. Methods are like checking Allow Remote Content and Option tab> Advanced tab> Config Editor> etc. These are the links I found out for methods:
- viewtopic.php?p=635882#635882
- ... not_appear
Please suggest me what did I miss out? Or is there any particular method to solve this case?


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Does the recipient receive a HTML message?

The reason I ask is if my account is configured to compose messages as plain text and I forward a HTML message, it gets converted to plain text (thus dropping the images) unless I hold down the Shift key when selecting forward. Holding down the shift key when composing / replying / forwarding temporarily toggles the "compose messages in HTML" format setting in tools -> account settings -> account_name -> composition & addressing.

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