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Good Morning !

I have 2 calendars in my thunderbird. 1 is local and the other is my gmail. I got a calendar invite this morning and it defaulted to the local calendar and I accepted. Is there a way to make it default to my gmail calendar and now that it is in my default calendar, how can I move it to my gmail calendar. there does not seems to be an option.


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It is limited by many factors. One of these factors is the characteristics of the calendar server that was used for the invites. In my case, invitations that come from my office server are non-movable and non-modifiable while those that come from my church service are non-movable and fully modifiable and those that come from another organization where I am a member are fully movable. Go figure...

Still here are two possible solutions.

1. If you have more than one email accounts, you may dedicate a specific email address to each of them. Calendar1 could be linked to and so on. To set an email, right-click on a calendar name and select Properties; then select the email you want to link to it.

If you set up each calendar with a specific email, then your problem will be solved. But if you only link your gmail calendar with an email account but don't link the local calendar to a specific and different email, I don't know if it will work.

2. If the first option doesn't work or isn't convenient for you, then the second option is to use brute force, and it is to make the Gmail calendar as the first one you have.

– Right-click on the name of the local calendar and select "Export Calendar". Export it both in ".ics" and ".csv" formats. (ics usually works and is more reliable, but if it fails, you'll have a backup.

– Delete the local calendar.

– Quit and restart Thunderbird. Your Gmail agenda is now the first one in line.

– In Lightning, create a new agenda. You may create a local one, although at this point, you might want to create it on Gmail so it is accessible on your phone.

– To import the data, press ALT to show menus, then select Events and Tasks –> Import.
– When prompted, select the ".ics" file you created a few minutes ago and click Open
– Select in which calendar you want to import the data (i.e. the one you created a few seconds ago).
– Click OK and it will proceed with import (it may take a while, especially with a distant server).

By the way, you can, technically import that data in your existing Gmail calendar. The import will add (not replace) data you already have in your existing Gmail calendar.
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