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I run TBird V. 52.9.0 under Win 10 V. 1803 Build 17134.112.

When I use the global search function something odd is happening:

Suppose I recall that I received a particular email a few weeks ago. I know it was addressed to me, and I remember that it had the word "Chair" in it.

When I search for that message I will often see it pop up, but sometimes it will display in the search results list, but with an incorrect recipient. When that happens, the incorrect recipient appears at an address other than mine, though one that I might occasionally use.

So, for example, the message that I search for might be (correctly) addressed to me as, say,, but the message, once found, will display as having been received by

Then, when I click on the message to view it, it will appear as it should, that is, as addressed to

What might be causing this, and how can I correct it?

Many thanks,


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It sounds as though the index file might be corrupted. Close Thunderbird, navigate to the profile folder and locate and delete the file global-messages-db.sqlite. Restart Thunderbird and allow it time to rebuild that file before performing a global search.

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Hi Dan,

Excellent... fixed,

Many thanks!

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