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Post Posted July 27th, 2018, 9:59 am

My email addresses are with Plusnet, and each account has its individual inbox and password. Server is, and prime account username is 'username', the others username+whatever

Recently TB keeps telling me that, "Log in to server has failed" To retry or supply new password".
As each account has its own password, I cannot see how, I may identify what account the request relates.
Although mail seems to get through so far, the continual appearance of the message is annoying. can and how can I rid myself of it, please?


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To try to identify which account is causing the issue, try clicking on the name of one account in the left hand folder pane and clicking on the "Get Mal button. After identifying the failing user ID, go to TOOLS > OPTIONS >SECURITY > PASSWORDS tab> SAVED PASSWORDS button and there you can delete the old password for the account. Restart Thunderbird to ensure that the stored password is cleared from memory. The next time you "Get Mail" Thunderbird will ask for the password and you can check the box to remember the value.


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If getting rid of the saved passwords and restarting doesn't help see if ... er/?src=ss helps. It should add an account id to the password prompt . You can figure out what account that is for in help -> troubleshooting information.

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I've changed my passwords at my ISP, then deleted the old ones in TB and replaced with the new. I shall only need to return if it doesn't work. Thank you.

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