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John Liebson
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Post Posted August 7th, 2018, 11:59 am

Different problems on two computers, neither of which are there when TB is in Safe Mode, but do appear when TB is in normal mode.

1. On my computer, at the right end of the menu bar there the icon for the Restart extension overlays the box for making TB full sized. I cannot move the icon.

2. On my wife's computer, the delete button and four separators are at the right end, and none of them can be moved or removed. Delete button belongs on the Mail Toolbar.
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Its possible its a side effect of another add-on. You could try to narrow it down by disabling an add-on, restarting, testing and repeating with the next add-on until all of them have been disabled. However, I'm confused how you can have a problem with an extensions button while running in safe mode.

I suggest you see if the problem occurs in the 32 bit version. You could use custom setup to install it in a different directory, and switch between both versions as desired. My impression was that one of the reasons why supporting a 64 bit build for Windows has been delayed is that there are still occasional build errors. I have seen some cosmetic errors in the 32 bit build though such as the bottom of tabs being clipped by a toolbar beneath it. I suspect that will be fixed in a minor release later on.

The CustomizeMyBird add-on at ... izemybird/ has options to move the location of some parts of the user interface. It also supports replacing the menu bar/hamburger button icon with a different icon. I suggest you experiment with that add-on. Be aware that the options menu requires you sometimes to check a checkbox to enable a category before you can tweak a specific item. Some of the descriptions also seem wrong. For example checking "tabs : classic squared tabs" lets me change the curve and height of tabs (using settings below it). But it seems very useful.

John Liebson
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Post Posted August 7th, 2018, 12:43 pm

When I started to compose the first message, something strange happened, so I logged out closed/restarted Fx, restarted writing. My first attempt included the vital information that I had disabled all extensions manually, to no avail, information that I then failed to include in my second writing.

I could (but certainly don't want to) try a 32-bit install, but may eventually do so.

I shall try the CustomizeMyBird extension.

The Customize extension certainly helped. I have not yet been able to put the Restart icon where I really want it on my computer, but at least it no longer blocks the minimize/expand/quit boxes. The Delete button on my wife's computer is now where it belongs. Appreciate the link to an extension I had heard about here, but had never felt a need for.

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