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Post Posted August 7th, 2018, 2:23 pm

Stylish 2.0.7 no longer works in Thunderbird 60.

Is there an alternative that works other than userChrome.css?


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Stylish was removed from the add-ons store due to the data it collected and sent to remote servers. For Firefox you can use the Stylus add-on at instead. It's not available for Thunderbird. I suspect part of the problem is it uses the WebExtensions API and Thunderbird has limited support for it.

Take a look at CustomizeMyBird at ... rd/?src=ss and see if anything it supports it useful. Its not a replacement, but it does offer some useful customizations.

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Post Posted August 7th, 2018, 6:21 pm

Yes, I'm aware that the newer version of Stylish is bad, but the old one for Thunderbird worked fine in TB 52.9 (the v2 series, before Stylish was sold to an analytics company).

CustomizeMyBird is good, but it doesn't do everything I need it to.

Just exported my older Stylish styles into userChrome.css and that works well. I'll miss live CSS edits though.

To export your Stylish styles, use this site:

And drag-n-drop your stylish.sqlite file there to view your Stylish CSS. Copy the styles you want to migrate over to your profile's /chrome/userChrome.css file and restart Thunderbird.

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