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There is a corporate maillist. I reply to it and the reply goes to the same folder and then I receive a copy from the mailman and see 2 copies of the same mail. This only happens with corporate mailman and not with the public lists - there I see just one copy and I know there are others as I am subscribed to several lists and many posts are cc:-ing many lists.

Both mails have the same Subject, References, In-Reply-To and Message-ID. mail.strict_threading==true.

How to tell what TB does not like about the mail to make it recognize-and-hide duplicates?

TB 60b10.


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Thunderbird 60 is available for download at . I suggest you upgrade to it and see if that solves your problem. I've moved your topic from Thunderbird Builds to Thunderbird Support.

However, threading is not supposed to hide duplicates. My first thought would be that the duplicates are due to Thunderbird being configured to save a copy of the sent message in the same folder of the reply, AND the corporate mail manager also sending you a copy since you apparently don't get two copies when somebody else is sending you a message. If that is true, think about using a multiple identity when sending/replying to the corporate mailing list that does not have Thunderbird save a copy. It should have the same email address, but a slightly different display name so that you could tell it apart from the normal From: email address. ... il_account

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After some thinking, it may be actually gmail which takes care of duplicates, not TB as I thought. Ok, I'm good then. "remove duplicates (alternative)" addon does the job well.

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