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Hi, I am wondering if there is anything new and is easy to backup all my Thunderbird profiles? I always have used MozBackup to backup all my Thunderbird profiles with, but I know they don't keep MozBackup updated anymore. Is MozBackup still okay to use?

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It's still easiest to use help -> troubleshooting info -> open folder to open windows explorer at your profile and then copy & paste it to a backup location.

Mozbackup still works (it's safer to use the beta, not the release version) but long term it seems too risky to me. The ImportExportTools add-on is most well known for importing and exporting mail, but it also supports automated backups. It won't compress/zip the backup, but will automate it, and that add-on is maintained. Select the add-on in Tools -> Add-ons, press the Options button, press the Backup Scheduling tab, and then configure what should be backed up. ... d_services

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there are good number of alternatives to mozbackup.
i am using Mail Backup X, for it archives my Thunderbird on my Windows system and my official Apple Mail under the same license. the application offers automatic backup to my all my emails.
if you have ample time, you can manually export the emails to MBOX/EML format through importexporttools add-on.
both the ways, you have an offline copy of emails with you.

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