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Installed Tbird on a new PC win 7 64
having trouble with getting the install to read my 'old' profile
after trial and error i thought i had done it but the emails only go up to last december!
--in the old machine I went to Help> trouble shooting> click on the file which opened Win Explorer
close Tbird back to Explorer copied the folder
pasted to profile on new PC
how could the profile in the old PC not conrtain all the emails? it must not be the right profile but where else could it be?
do i have to tell teh old install to back up the profile so it gets everythng?

Am working on the instructions "when nothing else works"

Help is appreciated
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Post Posted September 13th, 2018, 1:29 pm

How was the account set up in the old profile? As POP or IMAP?
How is it set up in the new profile? As POP or IMAP?
Find out using menu path Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings->Server Type at the top right of the dialogue.

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