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Post Posted October 1st, 2018, 1:50 pm

Ed1 wrote:I recall that I tried this a few days ago and saw no entries at all, but I will recheck this.

You may need to expand the size of the results box to see the entries. Used to be that way, anyhow.
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Post Posted October 2nd, 2018, 10:30 am

makaiguy, I am getting no entries at all in the Junk log, even with it maximized to full-page size.

tanstaafl, I didn't forward the junk mail in the AOL Inbox to myself at the Comcast address. I just copied it from the AOL Inbox to the Comcast Inbox within Thunderbird. Junk mail control still does not start automatically on either mail account.

tanstaafl, if I manually mark an email in my AOL Inbox as Junk, it does receive the orange Junk icon and then immediately moves to the account's Junk folder that I have specified. I am not getting the yellow dialog. The automatic junk filtering is what is not working.

I am wondering if something is wrong with the training.dat file. But I have tried resetting it and re-marking all of my Junk mail as Junk. The next day, mail from the same sender is again not automatically detected as Junk.

As mentioned above, my current guess is that there is some incompatibilty between TB and AOL as a result of some AOL server changes. My automatic Junk filtering just seems to be dead now.

And here's one more oddity that began at the same time. When I receive an email from notifying me of new posts in threads where I have posted, that email is marked with an orange Junk icon (even though I have never set such mail as Junk, and even on a brand new TB install and profile). When I mark those emails as Not Junk, the orange flame goes off. But the next time I open TB, the same email displays an orange Junk icon again! No other emails are automatically displaying a Junk icon.

I am hoping someone else who regularly uses AOL IMAP mail would comment as to whether they are seeing these same issues.

EDIT: I just installed Thunderbird 60.0 (64-bit) with a new profile and some manual training of junk/non-junk. Seems to be no different - still no automatic running of Junk mail control.

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Post Posted October 7th, 2018, 12:03 pm

I just noticed another anomaly. Not sure it is related to the failure of Junk mail control to run automatically.

If I manually mark an email as Junk, before it moves to the Junk folder I have designated, its status changes from Unread to Read. This is even though I have the setting unchecked for when I mark messages as junk, mark them as read.

And as I mentioned, when marking email as Junk, the orange Junk icon comes on briefly before the email is moved out of the Inbox, but when it arrives in the designated Junk folder the orange Junk icon is grey again.

And, email from certain senders (including is mis-marked as Junk in the Inbox and reverts to being marked as Junk after being unmarked as Junk.

These are all misbehaviors that started recently.

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Post Posted November 18th, 2018, 9:27 am

I have just noticed a couple of bugs filed on bugzilla concerning Thunderbird's misbehaving Junk mail handling:

I am going to start a separate thread to see if anyone else is experiencing these symptoms. It appears that it is related to Verizon now operating AOL (and Yahoo) mail services.

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